The ultimate Social-Fintech App. Seamless financial social interaction

The true integration of social media and fintech in a simple user friendly & secure single purpose mobile application.

Fast And Optimized

SplitBill enables the user to be the Host & request funds from any Friend, or alternately respond to a request for funds from any Friend using Host mode

The funds are transferred seamlessly from any existing credit card the Friend has registered with the App to the Host's card or bank account of choice


To deliver a seamless solution for the safe and secure transfer of funds between friends

Crediting and debiting their existing financial resources in real time over a unique Social Fintech application available on both iOS & Android Devices

User Friendly

Options to Split the Bill equally between friends, or to request specific amounts from your friends at anytime and anywhere.

The App enables friends at a restaurant to effortlessly Split a Bill without the need for cash being passed around the table with just a few taps on the SplitBill App.

How it works

The revolutionary social fintech App

SplitBill manages a timeless requirement seamlessly in today's cashless society

Host group bookings, holidays, organising parties, chartering a boat for a celebration.

Chasing friends for their contribution becomes a thing of the past.

SplitBill lets you collect and receive funds as easily as sending a message on your favorite free message service.

Special Features

A truly unique social fintech app that lets friends transfer money between friends simply. An age old process possible over social media without any fuss

Splitbill evenly

Enter the total to pay, select your friends from contact list, a simple push of the SplitBill Icon and the algorithms automatically include the host share and collect even amounts from those wishing to SplitBill.

SplitBill Manually

Enter the agreed amount you wish to request from any friends and then push the icon and the payment request is sent to the friend, they can choose to accept, enter their pin, or decline. Its safe, fast and simple.

Remote Requests

Quickly and simply sent to friends and family by anyone in Host mode to cover any purchase a user is preparing to make that has been agreed to be shared

Online Purchase

Flowers for mums birthday, quickly share the cost among siblings with SplitBill. Enter the amount and select contact, then push the icon and the payment request goes out for approval to your friend.

Friend (Amico)

Noun: A person who you know well and who you like a lot. Someone who is not an enemy and who you can trust Verb: To invite someone to be your friend on a social networking website

Host (Exercitum)

Noun: A person who receives or entertains other people as guests Verb: To provide the space and other things necessary for a special event

Split (Hiulco)

Verb: To divide or cause to divide into two or more parts

SplitBill (Splitusbillus)

Noun: The modern solution to sharing the cost of any event or purchase seamlessly with friends over social media in real time Verb: To divide evenly amongst friends, to share the cost and interact in a social fintech environment.

Watch Video Demo

Has this happened to you? The age old problem - Sharing the cost of lunch or any event with friends - This time they use SplitBill to solve the problem quickly and securely.

App Screenshot

The app is simple, user friendly, without irritating advertising, or complicated processes

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It's easy to use, it's what friends to, social financial interaction. Organise your social and financial commitments in one simple easy to use App - Then share across any of the usual App's you already know and love

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